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Our Mission

Music Simply Music only creates associations with teachers who have both the musical expertise, but more importantly have patience, enthusiasm and the ability to motivate people through a relaxed and nurturing lesson. Simply put, the best players do not always make the best teachers. Music Simply Music looks for the best teachers for you and your family!

Our core values are:

Integrity, Professionalism, Respect, Fun, Compassion, Enthusiasm and Superior Customer Service

Ideally you have:

  • Degree in music or music education preferred.
  • Excellent skills at the piano, demonstrated by your ability to play in many different styles (classical, baroque, romantic, pop, jazz, improvisational, etc.)
  • Passion and compassion.
  • Creativity (Do you know 40 different uses for a pencil?!)
  • Reliable car is mandatory.

You can:

  • Create your own hours.
  • Accept as many or as few students as you choose.
  • Create your own desired level of income.

Send us an email to indicate your interest.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you looking for part/full time piano teachers?
Yes, because of the popular demand of the Music Simply Music Simply Music, Inc. program, we are always looking for qualified candidates.

What qualifications are necessary?
Obviously, a competency in your instrument (piano, voice, guitar), as well as a passion for the education process, positive mental attitude and a reliable car (we service our clients in the privacy and comfort of their homes).

Should I submit a resume?
If you feel you are qualified for the position, please submit your resume either as a text (.txt), a Word (.doc) or an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file. Email the file to or fax a copy to 631-590-5064

Do I need to prepare a performance audition at the interview?
Yes, but we prefer to not label it an "audition" as this word usually comes with much emotional "baggage." Instead, we prefer to call it a sharing of the music you love. Ideally, this would include well-rounded playing of both classical and popular genres.

If an interview is set up, what else would I need to prepare?
You will be asked to sight read a piece as well as realize a lead sheet in which a melody and chord symbols will be provided. Finally, you will be asked to teach a mock lesson to a seven year old boy who has never had a music lesson before.

Send us an email to indicate your interest.