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Don't Let YOUR Child be Stopped by the #1 Learning Killer!

No matter what grade your child is in in school, he or she will most definitely experience IT as part of learning. If they don’t have effective skills for managing and navigating IT, IT will shut their learning down. But once they know the three simple things they can do to successfully go around, over or under the number one learning obstacle, nothing will stop them. What is IT? What is the number one learning killer? The dreaded F word…Frustration!

Frustration is the one guaranteed emotion everyone will experience as they go through life. Why not show your child three simple ways to manage it so they are not stopped by IT? Before I share with you what you can do, let me first tell you what a person can absolutely NOT do when they are feeling frustrated. The cannot continue to learn whatever they were learning when the started feeling frustrated. The only thing you can learn when you are feeling frustrated is how to handle frustration. Now, here are the three things you CAN do..

The first is to simply take a break. The break might be for a moment, an hour or a day, the choice is entirely up to the learner. The second is to ask someone for help. They sooner your child learns that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but an incredible sign of intelligence, the quicker they will overcome any obstacle. And the third thing you can do when feeling frustrated is to make the challenge more manageable. If you have ten questions to answer, just focus on answering one. If you are learning a song on the piano and are having difficulty putting the two hands together, just do one hand. Make the task the size and difficulty that allows you to feel a little challenged but not intimidated. And again, the learner is the best person to decide what this is. Share these options with your child the next time you see frustration creep into their learning process.

The teachers at Music Simply Music understand how to assist your child in overcoming not only the musical challenges that they will encounter when they study an instrument, but more importantly, the learning challenges that will make them better learners at learning anything! If you would like your child to learn the piano, guitar or voice with a music teacher who knows how to nurture your child in becoming an unstoppable, self-directed learner, contact Music Simply Music at 631 863 2069. We will send one of our teachers to your home in Nassau or Suffolk counties on Long Island

Author of this post is Nick Ambrosino, Director of Music Simply Music, Inc. and the author of two books on learning for parents and teachers, Coffee with Ray: A Simple Story with a Life Changing Message for Teachers and Parents and Lessons With Matt: An Inspiring Story of Success Strategies for Teachers and Parents of Tweens and Teens. Both are available in digital download or soft cover on Amazon.

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