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"This is too Hard! I Can't Do it!"

If you are a parent, it’s inevitable, especially at this time of the year. You KNOW you are going to hear it. It’s just a matter of how long into the school year it will take. A day? A week? A month? That simple phrase of learning frustrating, “This is too hard! I can’t do it!!” And as the supportive compassionate parent, you will like many, take on the roll of your child’s cheerleader, “You can do it. Yes you can! You’re smart! Just try!” And that is a wonderful response. Who would fault you for it? After all this is your child struggling with their capacity to learn. Don’t we all want our child to believe in their potential and ability?

The music teachers of Music Simply Music, hear this phrase more often then many. Music lessons, well actually, the practicing that is supposed to go on during the week between the lessons, is filled with moments of self doubt. Yet, we don’t want our students to ever question their ability or potential, and their exclamation of “This is too hard! I can’t do it!” does exactly that. If you say the phrase to yourself, you can feel the emotional Red light. Luckily the solution is as simple as applying a Diamond Distinction. Diamond Distinction are word and phrase changes that Music Simply Music teachers use to reframe learning blocks for our students.

Instead of permitting your child to question their own ability, try rephrasing their exclamation in a way that acknowledges their stress, but also provides them comfort. Ask them to simply say, “This is new and uncomfortable and everything I have every learned was once new and uncomfortable.” That’s the Diamond Distinction that will empower them to get past their own self-doubt and achieve great levels of success for themselves.

If you would like your child to learn the piano, guitar or voice with a music teacher who understands how to assist your child in becoming an unstoppable, self-directed learner, contact Music Simply Music at 631 863 2069. We will send one of our teachers to your home in Nassau or Suffolk counties on Long Island

Author of this post is Nick Ambrosino, Director of Music Simply Music, Inc. and the author of two books on learning for parents and teachers, Coffee with Ray: A Simple Story with a Life Changing Message for Teachers and Parents and Lessons With Matt: An Inspiring Story of Success Strategies for Teachers and Parents of Tweens and Teens. Both are available in digital download or soft cover on Amazon.

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