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Rituals are a way of creating presence of mind in all you do.  Professional baseball players have specific rituals they do when they go up to bat.  Tap their cleats, step into the batter’s box with their front foot first, etc.  Martial artists have rituals they utilize to start a class: a certain way of putting on their gi (uniform), of tying their obi (belt) and bowing.    These rituals engage the mind to pay attention.   Religions have rituals as to how they start their services.  The ritual signifies that something important is about to happen.

Performing musicians, specifically soloist, need to develop a pre-performance ritual.  For pianists, how you sit down at the instrument, your posture, your breathing, what you think about or sing to yourself.  These rituals are imperative to establishing a consistent state of mind that is most conducive to creating the optimum performance environment.  Practice them every time you sit down to play and when you are in a stressful performance situation, they will be your ally to an optimum state of mind.

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This tip was written by Nick Ambrosino
Founder/Director Music Simply Music, Inc.

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