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Adult Learner Tip #2: Understanding does not always equal proficiency.

Many adult learners think that if they “understand” how to do something, it means they will be able to do it.  Not so, especially when you are training muscles to do something.  Think about it, no matter how much you “understand” how to ride a bike – the physics of balance and motion – you will not be able to ride one until you hop on the bike and experience the feeling of balance and motion.  No matter how much you might understand how to hit a baseball, the only way you will ultimately learn is by actually training your muscles to hit a baseball.  The same is true for learning how to play the piano.  While your brain might understand what to do, the muscles of your fingers and arms must learn what to do and that can only be done by experiencing it!

So stop asking so many questions and start making music by playing your instrument!

To get started on your path to having the gift of music in your life, please call Music Simply Music today at 631 863 2069.  You are never too old to start learning!

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