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Tips for Adult Learners

The next series of tips are to assist adult learners in getting the most out of their piano lessons.  Here’s the first:

Enjoy playing the piano!   I know this tip sounds ridiculously obvious, but it’s extremely important!  Many adults take learning the piano tooooo seriously!  Unless you have an upcoming Carnegie Hall concert, just put enough “pressure” on yourself to progress, but not enough to tarnish the reason you started to take piano lessons.  Enjoy the learning process.  Regardless of how quickly you achieve, it will probably not be quick enough for your inner critic!  So tell your inner critic to be quiet so you can hear the music you are making!

To get started on your path to having the gift of music in your life, please call Music Simply Music today at 631 863 2069.  You are never too old to start learning!

This tip was written by Nick Ambrosino
Founder/Director Music Simply Music, Inc.

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